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Google Doodle Celebrates Angelo Moriondo, the Inventor of the Espresso Machine

Angelo Moriondo, who patented the popular coffee-maker, was born on June 6, 1851.

Angelo Moriondo, who was born on June 6, invented the espresso machine in 1884.

Google on Monday is commemorating the birth of the inventor of the espresso machine with a Doodle. On June 6, when you go to the search giant's home page, you can see a triptych of animated watercolor images showing the blueprint and inner workings of an espresso maker. 

Angelo Moriondo was born in Turin, Italy, on June 6, 1851, and spent his life in the beverage industry. He debuted the first espresso machine at the General Expo of Turin in 1884 and received a patent for the invention shortly after. 

The original espresso machine used multiple large boilers to brew the coffee. The first boiler pushed heated water through coffee grounds, while the second boiler flashed the grounds with steam.