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Google Doodle brings the love, promises a 'kiss like never before'

Forget those teeny, chalky conversation hearts this Valentine's Day. It's tech that helps us express our love, says Google.

This Valentine's Day, Google Doodle celebrates how tech can bring us a little closer. Google/Screenshot by CNET

Whatever you're searching for this Valentine's Day -- whether it's romantic love or simply a way to avoid all mention of such things -- Google's home page has gone all lovey-dovey, with a series of animated doodles playfully demonstrating how technology can bring people closer together.

The two o's in the Google doodles flirt via texting on their phones (Android handsets, no doubt), side by side while tapping away on their laptops (take my heart and my power cord, please), and sharing a pair of headphones to listen to music, among other everyday activities.

"Technology is fully engrained in the ways we express appreciation for one another," Google Doodle artists Jennifer Hom and Olivia Huynh said in a post Saturday.

Clicking on the doodles brings up quotes from such writers as Aristotle, Jane Austen, Dante, Dr. Seuss and Sylvia Plath. And from Maya Angelou, too, like this one: "Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time."

If you dislike the quote, want to change the quote, or just want to see them all because, hey, you might miss something really good, Google has built in a "Try again" option. (Perhaps that's a comment on relationships.)

Google has even added a bit of enticing text to its usually very spare search page: "Experience a kiss like never before this Valentine's." A click-through takes the viewer to a Google Cultural Institute page featuring artworks that exude affection -- from Klimt's "The Kiss" to Van Gogh's "The siesta (after Millet)" to Renoir's "Country Dance." Also in the collection is a mural by Banksy, that stealthy artist whose work, like love, can be found in ordinary yet unexpected places.