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Google doodle animates world's biggest snowflake

Google's latest charming doodle commemorates an event of which few might be aware: a 15-inch diameter snowflake that attacked Montana.

The role of Google's doodles is very simple. It's to make you think that Google is not a monstrous gargantuan entity keen on owning you, but a cute, cuddly company just trying the help you through the chilly winters of life.

Talking of gargantuan entities and chilly winters, Google has today released a cute, cuddly doodle that celebrates the world's most gargantuan snowflake.

There was, apparently, such a thing.

Guinness' book of world records--although why you're supposed to believe world records brought to you by a beer, I'm not sure--say that this 15-inch diameter snowflake descended upon Fort Keogh, Mont., in 1887.

The New York Times declares that this snowflake was one of several that were described at the time as "larger than milk pans."

So today, as you go to, you will see a large snowflake fall from the sky and become the second "o" of the company name.

You see, some gargantuan things are harmless and charming. Even if they give you a little shiver occasionally.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET