Google Docs templates gallery and new features

Google slipped some new goodies into your Kool-aid this evening.

With zero fanfare Google quietly slipped new features into their Docs suite. It's like CSI Silicon Valley when you use their tools.

Google Docs save as PPT
Google Docs save as PPT Google Docs

Since switching to Google Apps Premier I am basically 100% browser-based for my email. But, for docs, spreadsheets etc. I can't seem to make the Google stuff work for me. Something just doesn't feel right about the GUIs, let alone the reduced functionality versus applications like Excel.

The new templates are not the most beautiful, but just having them available will make Google Apps a lot more appealing for non-techie business users. Beyond templates, users can now upload, preview and share PDFs, save files as PPT, drag and drop cells and use new chart types.

Despite the many hiccups I've had with Google Apps, the products are definitely getting better. And as MS Office continues to bloat and get weirder (that ribbon thing is cuckoo) the alternatives are closer to meeting broad needs.

Let us all dare to dream that anything from Google will ever graduate beyond Beta.

Via Lifehacker

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