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Google Docs and Spreadsheets gets new look. Gmail next?

Google Docs and Spreadsheets has a whole new look this morning, and it's even more useful.

This morning Google updated their Docs and Spreadsheets service with a new start page, one that turns the old list view into a two-pane workspace. Users can now see a larger listing of their documents and spreadsheets, as well as organize them in folders. Yes, you read that right--Google is letting users create and manage their stuff in folders. Users can even drag and drop files.

I actually asked the Docs and Spreadsheets team about a feature like this last week, and they told me the combination of tags and search worked better. The new system continues to tag items--albeit per the folder in which they're located. Any pre-existing tags today have been turned into their own folders.

There have also been a few other changes under the hood. Besides the bluer, smoother exterior, Google Suggest is now built into the file search bar. This means that when you're looking for a certain file, you can just begin typing and the engine will start to bring up search results before you've even hit the search button.

There's still no support for Google Gears, which is the one thing I'm waiting for. For people who use Docs and Spreadsheets on a daily basis and for Google Apps subscribers--this is a big change. The question on my mind, however, is how long before we see this slick blue interface in Gmail?

Google's new look uses a two-pane interface, complete with folders--a first for Google.