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Google directs 'relevant ads' to Maps

Not a fan of the new Google Maps apps for Android and iOS? Chances are, you're not going to like the new after-search ads in the apps, either.

Ads in the new Google Maps apps for Android and iOS, after you tap on one. Google

Google recently overhauled its Maps apps for iPhones and Androids, and on Wednesday the company introduced a new way of showing "relevant" ads. They show up at the bottom of the app, where your directions appear.

Google wrote in its blog post announcing the ads that the new display makes them "more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers," although it's not hard to imagine user problems emerging from placing ads in the same location in the app as non-advertised location and navigation information. The Maps overhaul has been controversial, to the point where a Facebook group has been started for people to express their dislike of Google Maps 7.

The ads, which will include a title, text, and link to directions, will appear after you perform a search. Tapping the ad will open it, as you expect, but so will swiping up -- which could lead to a lot of unintentional ad views.

Businesses buying the ads will be charged for paid clicks when apps users tap "get location details," "get directions," "click-to-call" for dialing the business directly from Maps, or on the ad title, but only up to two paid clicks per ad impression.

As a Maps user, you can use the ads to save the business promoted in the ad for later, share it with a friend, or get directions to the business. Those services are not charged to ad buyers.