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Here are the free games you get with Daydream View

Google's updated VR headset comes with $40 worth of games.

James Martin/CNET

For 2017, Google's Daydream View is getting comfier -- and the VR headset supports more phones than ever. But at $99, it also costs $20 more than the original.

To sweeten the deal, Google's throwing in a bundle of five free games through the end of the year, in the United States, which normally retail for around $40. The obvious question: Are they any good?

Well, I'm happy to say they're some of the best-reviewed games on Daydream so far, and I'd rank a couple as some of the very best games in VR. (It's not a high bar yet, but still. These are good picks.)

They are:

Here are some trailers, to give you the general idea:

Read my impressions of the updated Daydream View right here.

via Road to VR