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Google co-founder bankrolls world's first lab-grown burger

Google's co-founder funded the project, which has seen an artificially-produced patty cooked and eaten today.

Google's Sergey Brin has said that he funded a Dutch university's project to craft the world's first lab-grown burger.

The slab of synthetic meat, seen above, was grown using cells from a cow's shoulder, which were grown into strips of meat, which in turn were mushed into a patty that required the killing of precisely zero cows.

That humane angle is apparently what intrigued Google co-founder Brin, who appeared in a video posted on The Guardian to say, "We have a vision in our minds of pristine farms, couple of cows, couple of chickens, but that's not actually how meat gets produced today."

"When you see how these cows are treated, it's certainly something I'm not comfortable with."

The project apparently cost a whopping €250,000, but could offer a glimpse at the future of food production. The meat is biologically identical to regular cow flesh, but is produced in laboratory conditions instead of on a farm. On a larger scale, the synthetic food could reduce the environmental impact of meat production.

The burger was cooked and eaten today at an event in London. Once prepped, a lucky few participants got the chance to sample the artificially-grown meat.

"I was expecting the texture to be more soft", the first taster commented, going on to say, "There's quite some intense taste, it's close to meat... the consistency's perfect."

"It's got texture", another said, though the lack of fat in the test-tube patty seemed to make a difference to the taste.

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