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Google Clips gets discounted to $99 pre-Black Friday

That's a 60 percent discount off the AI camera's $249 retail price.


This mini camera had a not-so-mini price tag until now.


The Google Clips camera is like your personal AI photographer. You set it aside and every time something "interesting" happens (which it determines using AI) it records a 7-second video. Google says it's meant to capture those little moments you might miss -- isn't that sweet?

But what's not so sweet is its retail price: $249. In CNET's review of the Google Clips, we thought the camera couldn't justify its price tag.

However, the Clips is now on sale in the lead up to Black Friday. You can buy it for $99 on B&H, which is a 60 percent discount. It's also on sale on the Google Store website, but only at 50 percent off ($124.50). That makes the Clips a much more compelling purchase.

We've seen the mini camera sell for $199 in the past, but both Google's and B&H's current deals apply a steeper discount.

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