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Google Chrome Beta for OS X now available!

After much anticipation, Google has finally released Google Chrome Beta for Mac. While it is a beta release, it is the first release of the final product.

After much anticipation, Google has finally released Google Chrome for Mac. It is the first beta release, so it will no doubt have bugs, but should be at least fun and interesting for people to check out. The browser has risen in popularity since it's release for Windows about a year ago, and people have been waiting for Google to release it for Linux and OS X. While there have been development versions available for a while, this marks the first step in the final product.

The version brings a number of improvements to the browser, including support for browser extensions so people may customize it and add a number of unique third-party functions to the interface and web browsing experience. To aid in the promotion of extensions, Google has a Chrome Extensions Gallery available with more than 300 extensions for Chrome users to check out.

CNET Editor Stephen Shankland has a small article on the latest Chrome release, so check it out if you have not already done so. While I am a Safari fan, I will be exploring what Chrome has to offer and keep readers updated with any bugs and developments that occur.

Chrome 4.0 Beta for OS X is 18.5MB and can be downloaded here:

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