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Google chills with Halloween Doodle celebrating individuality

A friendly apparition has a ghost of a chance finding a suitable costume for trick-or-treating.

For many at Halloween, finding the costume that best fits our personality is a daunting if not haunting ordeal.

Google illustrated that challenge in an animated Doodle Tuesday that not only celebrates Halloween but the individuality in each of us. The Doodle tells the tale of Jinx, a lonely ghost in an old, abandoned house dying to join the trick-or-treaters outside.

Not wanting to scare anyone, our friendly apparition agonizes over finding the proper costume to blend in with the friends having fun outside. Jinx suffers through a frustrating series of bizarre costume changes, sometimes with mummifyingly embarrassing results.

A clown? No.

Vampire? Not appetizing.

Astronaut? Not in this world.

None seem to do the trick, so Jinx eventually settles on a ragged sheet and joins the friends outside. On the street, Jinx spies Momo, the star of last year's Doodle, who has just lost its hat. Jinx retrieves the hat for Momo, and upon returning it to Momo, finds his sheet costume spirited way by a gust of wind.

Jinx is pleasantly surprised by the friends' acceptance despite a lack of disguise.

"In the end, Jinx finds wearing a disguise is no match for being yourself," Google says.

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