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Google CEO warns of possible job cuts after DoubleClick merger

Eric Schmidt says in blog post that headcount reductions could come in U.S. and elsewhere and that the company will make a determination by early April.

Google may cut its workforce as it integrates online ad firm DoubleClick into its operations, Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt warned in a blog posting after the acquisition was approved by the European Commission on Tuesday.

"As with most mergers, there may be reductions in headcount. We expect these to take place in the U.S. and possibly in other regions as well," he wrote. The process of determining the right staffing levels in the U.S. is expected to be completed in the U.S. by early April, and could take longer for offices outside the country, he said.

Schmidt also offered assurances that consumer privacy will be protected following the acquisition. "Our scale and infrastructure mean that users will also be spending less time waiting for Web pages to load," he wrote.

After many months of review, the European Commission finally gave its stamp of approval to the merger, concluding that combining the two companies does not harm competition in the market.