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Google celebrates summer and winter solstices with pair of doodles

Whichever season is starting for you, there's a Google Doodle that fits.

Summer solstice starts on June 21.


Google has it right. Today is all about floating in a pond with your sunglasses on alongside a goldfish that keeps staring at you.

A Google Doodle posted Thursday celebrates the summer solstice for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere. And if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, Google has a chilly version to mark the winter solstice.

Winter solstice starts on June 21, if you live below the equator. 


Humans have celebrated this day since ancient times. Folklore has it that the summer solstice is a marker of harvest, fertility and new beginnings. Ancient Roman women used to pray to Vesta, the goddess of Earth, with cakes baked using water from a sacred spring, according to Reader's Digest. You might not have a Vesta temple near you, but If you have a wish, you could still bath in the sunlight and whisper it to the gods.

People call the summer solstice "Midnight Sun" because June 21 marks the longest day of the year above the Earth's equator and the shortest below. If you're in Alaska, you would have roughly 22 hours of daylight to attend all the parties.

This year's solstice officially started at 3:07 a.m. PT  and, for those of us north of the Equator, marks the always welcome beginning of summer. Now go out there and celebrate!

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