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Google celebrates Children's Day in Doodle

Happy acorns in a happy tree are here to remind you about child welfare.


Children's Day is celebrated around the world.


Monday's Google Doodle showing a bunch of cute acorn characters reading and jumping rope in a happy tree is only visible in a handful of countries, but its message is universal.

First proclaimed by the UK in 1954, Children's Day is also celebrated in Canada, Greece and some North African nations on November 20, which was the day the United Nations adopted the Declaration of Children's Rights.

Children's Day has a dual purpose. The first is educational, in that it is supposed to promote the exchange of ideas between children. The second is to initiate action to promote the welfare of children. With that in mind, the latest statistics from Unicef show that 19.5 percent of the world's children live in poverty, compared with 9.2 percent of adults.

Other countries celebrate Children's Day on other dates, while the US does not recognise it officially at all, even though various denominations of the church suggest their own ways of celebrating the occasion.