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Google celebrated with Google doodle

Unlike the artistic squiggles seen changing each day on the home page, today's version of the Google logo is a disconcertingly simple effort.

Popular search engine Google is celebrated today in an unusual new doodle on Google's home page. Unlike the artistic squiggles seen changing each day on the home page, today's version of the versatile Google logo is a disconcertingly simple effort, with unmoving letters in just four colours: blue, red, yellow and green.

Google's home page is often seen as the front door of the Internet, a simple box where you can type whatever you want to learn more about -- below a custom mural celebrating something that happened on that day.

Today is different. You can't even click the logo to learn more about a scientist born on this day, the discovery of a new element, an animation of a rock anthem or a slightly basic and demeaning game you can play. What gives, Google? Where's our daily funslice?

There's no clue as to why the endless carousel of slightly kitsch doodles has ended today. Mouse over the logo and alt-text pops up simply saying, "Google". Taunting us with its unknowability. Forcing us to type something.

Are you teaching us, oh mighty Goog? Is this your will? That having created a clickable artwork for every single interesting thing that has ever happened, you are setting us free to search for new knowledge ourselves? Is the only true knowledge in knowing that we know nothing?

While undoubtedly a successful provider of search results and other web services, Google is best known for its doodles. Millions of people excitedly hit the home page each morning to see what ersatz artwork has been served up that day. Many websites -- including CNET UK -- report each new doodle as though it's news, thanks to a kink in Google's algorithm that displays news stories relating to a search at the top of the page. Instant traffic boost!

Previous smash-hit doodles have included Freddie Mercury's Don't Stop Me Now animation, a playable game of Pac-Man and a strummable guitar. Watch Rich's ace video history for loads more, and let me know what you think of the bold new doodle in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page. What did you search for? What knowledge have you learned by yourself today? Enlighten me, o sages of the Internet.

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