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Google can be fun, says new frenzied Chromecast ad

In presenting Chromecast to a desperately expectant world, Google promises that it is now the repository of true fun. Yes, Apple territory.

Won't you look at those smiles. Google/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Let's play word association.

If I say "Google" to you, what word comes into your head?

Stop. Too late. The results are already in. Here are my (entirely unscientific) winners culled from a mountain of conversations, observations, and libations: "Nerdy," "humorless," "domineering," "robotic," and "so-fake-goody-goody-as-to-be-nauseating."

You will notice the absence of the word "fun."

And yet on Wednesday, Google comes along with some little gizmo called Chromecast that's supposed to actually bring joy to your firmament.

I will leave the deeper analysis to those who breathe profundity. I am far too taken with the idea of Google being fun.

You see, the ad Google has just released to accompany this new Web On Your TV thing is promising that your life will truly be infinitely more enjoyable once it's Chromecast.

Indeed, Google is here represented by a quite captivating little girl, who shows her overtired daddy (or merely mum's new friend) just what fun is all about.

With a touching "ta-da!" she introduces this easy-peasy new world of being able to show your Web content on your 50-incher.

Indeed, the whole thing is a delight. We see so many groups of people at home being uplifted, mesmerized, and enthralled by their cartoons, YouTube videos, and phone-filmed arrests for narcotic possession -- projected big for all to see.

(Wait, that wasn't a narcotics arrest. That was just Charlie Chaplin looking his usual peculiar.)

This is a veritable celebration of home life and its ability to still bring people together, despite all the spying in the world.

This is untrammeled joy and laughter brought on by a simple piece of plastic. This is truly for everyone.

This is the people-pleasing, soul-uplifting territory normally inhabited by Apple.

This is Google? Well, I never.