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Google Camera update makes Android Wear a remote control

Just tap a button on the smartwatch to snap a photo with a smartphone or tablet.

The Google Camera app update lets users take photos remotely with their Android Wear. Screenshots by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Google added a new feature to its Google Camera app on Wednesday that'll take users' arms out of selfie shots. But first, they'll need an Android Wear smartwatch.

The app update lets people use their Android Wear as a remote control for snapping photos with their camera or tablet. Users just have to tap a button on their smartwatch to take the picture -- a preview of the photo will even be displayed on Android Wear.

Google launched Android Wear, its new wearables and smartwatch software platform, last month. LG, Motorola, and Samsung have devices on the platform. Google is entering a crowded market for smartwatches, but maybe little perks like a remote for Google Camera could help it keep a competitive edge.

(Via Android Police).