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Google Buzz users: Double-check your settings

Following calls from members of Congress to investigate the Google Buzz privacy backlash, Google wants to make sure Buzz users understand their privacy options.

Google Buzz
Google is asking Buzz users to confirm their privacy settings over the course of the day on Monday. Google

Google, under fire regarding the Google Buzz privacy snafu, wants to make extra sure that Buzz users are aware of their privacy settings.

Over the course of the day on Monday, Google plans to ask Buzz users to reconfirm their privacy preferences when they log into the service. The idea is to show existing users the same confirmation screen that Google scrambled to build for new users of the service after a privacy backlash grew from the way Buzz auto-followed one's Gmail contacts.

The system now "suggests" contacts to follow, requiring a Buzz user to confirm they wish to follow someone and allowing them to block unwanted followers. Buzz has always allowed users to set their privacy settings but the initial implementation of the service was difficult to navigate, leading to a host of criticism over Google's motives with the service and several changes to the software.

The Federal Trade Commission has criticized Google's approach and members of Congress have recently called for an investigation into Google Buzz and the privacy fiasco, which might have prompted the move to make sure every Buzz user understands their privacy options.