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Tech Industry

Google buys 12 years of electricity from yet-to-be built wind farm

The Norwegian wind farm will supply renewable energy for Google's European data centres for 12 years.

Getty Images/EyeEm

A new 50-turbine wind farm in Norway has yet to be constructed, but Google has already bought up its entire 12-year supply of energy.

The farm, due to be completed in 2017, will be used to power Google's European data centres, Reuters reports. The search giant has also bought the entire power output of a second wind farm in Sweden, which is due to be built in 2018. The two power plants will supply 236 megawatts in total.

"[The additional wind farms] take us one step closer to running 100 percent of our operations on clean energy," said Marc Oman, EU energy lead of Google global infrastructure on the company's European blog.