Google bungles Blogger security

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Advertisers who use Google's AdSense program got a surprise this weekend, when the company's official blog posted a note saying that an upcoming test of a new feature had been canceled.

But the post itself had numerous spelling errors, and was quickly taken down. Turns out, the message wasn't from Google after all--a bug in Google's Blogger software allowed a hacker to create a fake post on the site.

The blogosphere quickly moved from discussing the AdSense test to commenting on Google's security breach. If the company can't keep its own blog safe, how well can it protect those of users, they wondered.

Blog community response:

"So the real story here is that the Google blog has been hacked. This is a bit of an embarrassment, although it is not nearly as bad as when Google deleted the blog accidentally in March of this year."

"The funniest part about the whole situation is that the previous post was all about how seriously Google looks at security. In that post they go on to say 'Google takes security very seriously and designs all of its services and applications to protect your privacy and data security.' I guess Google should also focus on their own security. Nah, many systems have flaws and it is just a matter of having them exposed. It was just ironic the timing the hacker had."

"I'm happy for Google, that they caught the offending post and removed it, but where does that leave the rest of us? Has the security flaw now been fixed? Should other Blogger users be concerned that their blog could be hacked too? Google needs to post a more in-depth explanation and assure us that we won't be the next target!"
--Marketing Pilgrim

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