Google Browser Sync for Firefox

Google has maintained that it has no plans for a Google Web browser. Apparently, that doesn't exclude trying to help others improve their browsers.

Brian Rakowski, a Google product manager, has announced the release of a syncing tool for use with Firefox, Mozilla's Web browser.

Google Browser Sync, free for download in beta from Google Labs, is designed to let people synchronize Firefox settings over multiple computers. Bookmarks, passwords, histories and even persistent cookie preferences for specific sites are transferred, so that users don't have to spend time tediously adding them to each computer on which they use Firefox. (Alas, too late for some of us. I know.) Google Browser Sync can also "remember" which tabs and windows were open at last use and "reopen" them when you open Firefox on another computer.

Previously, Google supported Mozilla Firefox users by offering its toolbar for Firefox in beta. Google Toolbar for Firefox has now been updated and upgraded sans beta status. There are a few new features in this latest edition: new ways of subscribing to RSS feeds, safe-browsing alerts and a spell-check search box option. Even though it's no longer in beta, Google Toolbar for Firefox still remains free for download.

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