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Google brings you on free VR Palace of Versailles tour

You'll need a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

If you're looking to take a VR trip into one of France's most popular tourist attractions, Google has teamed up with the Palace of Versailles to offer just that. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users can wander, for free, around the royal residence King Louis XIV used from 1682.

A total of 21 rooms and 387,500 square feet of surfaces have been recreated in VR, as noted by Engadget, and you can take a close look at more than 100 pieces of art -- something you can't do in real life.


Tourists queue to enter and visit the Palace of Versailles, but you can experience it without the crowds.

Dominique Faget / AFP/Getty Images

"The King and Queen's State Apartments are all yours, plus other locations besides ... Climb onto the stage in the Royal Opera House, draw up close to the high altar in the Royal Chapel sculpted by Corneil Van Cleve in the 18th century, and discover the Hall of Mirrors, one of the most iconic places," reads the Steam description.

You can even switch to night mode and wander around "by the light of chimney fires."

The idea of being able to experience tourist attractions without the cost, travel or crowds is pretty cool, if you're willing to invest in a VR headset.

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