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Google breaks down summer Maps searches, Brits love squash

Google has broken down what people searched for on Google Maps this summer, with a nice infographic showing all.

Summer is coming to a close (it officially ends the day the iPhone 5 goes on sale, coincidentally). And to mark the start of autumn, Google has broken down what we searched for on Google Maps over the summer months.

So what did we get up to here in the UK? Playing squash and going to the park, if the data is correct.

'Squash' and 'park' are the UK's top two rising queries on Google Maps. (Squash? Is it the 1980s?) 'Pubs, bars and inns' is next, followed by 'camping sites'. 'Cafe', 'gym' and 'hostel' follow, then 'school' comes in at number eight, which I guess would be down to parents checking out the local comprehensives. 'Golf courses' and 'hotels' round off the list.

There's also a ranking for popular landmarks. Interestingly, the Olympic Stadium comes tenth on the list, behind such stalwarts as Hampton Court Palace and the British Museum. I would've thought it'd be higher, but there you are.

Americans, blessed with better weather these past few months, searched for nearby beaches, while our French, Italian and Spanish cousins sought out community swimming pools. Camping dominated quite a few countries' searches, so maybe the recession means we're all looking for back-to-basics ways of enjoying ourselves.

Google analysed results between the end of May and beginning of September. It's an interesting breakdown of what we did this summer, country by country. No doubt the UK's results were influenced quite heavily by that month-long rain deluge we suffered in July.

What do you search Google Maps for? And are you surprised at any of the results? Let me know your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.