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Google Book Search gets a face-lift

New search features improve the experience of searching for terms within Google's library of books and magazines, as well as linking to pages from external blogs.

Google Book Search now calls out the placement of search terms more clearly in books and magazines. Screenshot by Tom Krazit/CNET

All the talk about Google's Book Search lately has focused more on the law than the page, but Google continues to improve the product at the heart of those discussions.

Google rolled out several improvements to its Book Search product Thursday. Searchers can now immediately see where their search term appears in a given book, see thumbnails of all the pages in a book or magazine, and embed links to books in their blogs, among other things.

The improvements, detailed Thursday in a blog post, apply only to public-domain and those Google has negotiated the rights to publish. The hubbub over the Google Book Search settlement is that it grants Google the right to post copies of out-of-print books that are still under copyright.