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Google's Android now powers more than 2 billion devices

It's not just phones -- TV, watches and cars are all running on Google's seemingly ubiquitous software.


There are now 2 billion active devices running Android.

James Martin/CNET

Android is everywhere.

More than 2 billion devices run on the Android operating system, Google said Wednesday at its I/O developer conference. It's not just popular phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8. The TVs you watch and the cars you drive also use the software.

Of course, Android has a firm lead in the mobile phone world, with nearly nine out of 10 phones shipped running on Google's mobile OS.

Android doubled its user base in three years, with Google reporting 1.4 billion active users on Android in 2015. While phones make up a bulk of its devices, it's starting to see a proliferation of other gadgets running on the software.

Roughly 800 million people use Google Drive and 500 million use Google Photos.

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