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Google blurs woman's Street View pratfall

As a Google Street View car goes by in Brazil, a woman faceplants. The world is amused. Naturally, therefore, the faceplant is suddenly blurred out.

Google Street View has a long history of capturing life as it happens. Coincidentally, of course.

The nice Street View cars roll by and don't stop for naked ladies, nor indeed, for naked gentlemen in the trunks of their Mercedes.

Recently, though, a Reddit forum was most amused by the misfortunes of a Brazilian lady who was walking along a street in Belo Horizonte, tripped and fell face first.


There is no evidence that she was suddenly startled by the approaching Google Street View vehicle. There is, equally, no evidence that she wasn't.

Once the online merriment began, Google seems to have decided that the woman's public fall is too much for neutral eyes. The image has now been blurred.

But not before a Redditor with the handle Spanser committed the entire proceedings to posterity.

We all fall down at inopportune times. Some of us physically, some merely mentally. One can only hope that the lady suffered no injury-- neither physically, nor mentally.