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Google said to be beta testing Trips traveling app

The app, reportedly rolling out in beta version, lets users organize their reservations, find places of interest and explore the best restaurants.


Google's upcoming Trips app will let you check out popular places to visit.

Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive

Back in April, Dutch news site AndroidWorld caught wind that Google may be launching a travel app called Trips, which would help users organize their travels. The app would guide users to particular places of interest and restaurants, as well as consolidate their reservations and tickets.

This week, it looks as if Google is now rolling out a beta version of the app to its Local Guides (Local Guides are basically users who explore and review local hot spots and hand over their information to Google).

According to Search Engine Roundtable, Google describes the app as a "travel assistant in your pocket," in an email sent out to a few of its Guides. The company instructs them to use Apple's TestFlight service to download the app, and to limit sharing information about the app before its public launch.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.