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Google bests Yahoo in search engine tests

Google bests Yahoo in search engine tests

A recent Yahoo Search Blog entry boasting that Yahoo had indexed more than 20 billion sites as compared to Google's mere 8 billion sites appears to be an exaggeration, at best. Researchers associated with the University of Illinois put Yahoo's claim to the test and found the Yahoo search engine failed when put up against the venerable Google. Given that both search engines keep their databases a secret, the researchers were forced to devise a test that would query both databases fairly. Since each search engine limits queries to one thousand results, the researchers also had to confine their queries to keywords that would return fewer than a thousand hits. The study found that, on average, Google returned 65 percent more hits than Yahoo--hardly the response you'd expect from a service boasting more indexed sites than anyone else. The researchers concluded: "It is the opinion of this study that Yahoo's claim to have a Web index of over twice as many documents as Google's index is suspicious."