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Google begins merging Chrome with Android...and merging flypaper with cars?

Google Chromebooks are getting access to more Android apps. Meanwhile, the self-driving-car team has a sticky solution to reducing pedestrian fatalities.

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Google's latest idea for self-driving cars comes with some sticky complications. Watch CNET Update to learn about the latest patent from Google, which puts a sticky coating on top of a car to catch pedestrians hit in accidents. (Anyone else getting a Katamari Damacy vibe here?) Uber also is starting to open up more about its self-driving car tests.

Meanwhile, the end may be near for Chrome OS, as some Chromebooks will soon be able to run more than one million Android apps. Chromebooks are getting more useful (well... some Chromebooks):

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Google begins merging Chrome with Android -- and merging flypaper with cars? (CNET Update)