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Google automates David Hasselhoff photobombs for April Fools'

Thanks to a Google joke, your celebrity photobomb dreams are inching closer to reality. So long as you only dream about David Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff photobomb
The Hoff photobombs some unsuspecting hikers. Google

For April Fools' day, Google decided to implement a new feature in Google+ in response to overwhelming demand from the social network's users. Our long campaign for an automated David Hasselhoff photobombing feature has finally reached a victorious conclusion.

Auto Awesome is a photo-enhancing feature that is already part of Google+. When photos meet certain criteria, it adds photo effects, creates gifs, merges multiple photos together, and creates HDR images by melding the same shot taken with different exposures. You can't really control it, it just does its thing when it thinks the photos are right. Just in time for April Fools' Day, it might also add a "Knight Rider" star to your photo.

Some of the Hoff-bombs are animated, elevating the prank to an even higher level. Many of the intrusions feature the star sporting a classic "Don't Hassel the Hoff" shirt. There's also an impressive variety of Hasselhoff poses. This prank goes deep, very deep.

You can check out all the lucky Hoff photobomb recipients by searching for #Hoffsome on Google+. I've uploaded a few photos myself, but so far the Auto Awesome feature hasn't deemed them fit for the Hasselhoff treatment. I'm crushed that my photos aren't worthy yet, but I'll keep trying. I even uploaded an old "Knight Rider" press photo featuring the Hoff sitting on Kitt. Maybe there's some automated software that prevents the Hoff from photobombing himself.

Hasselhoff photobomb
The Hoff makes an appearance in San Francisco. Google