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Google Assistant, Fandango help you buy movie tickets via voice

Thanks to a partnership with Fandango, Google Assistant adds Actions for finding movies near you and buying the tickets.


Coming to Google Assistant near you: movie-ticket purchasing. Just add that to the long list of what Google Assistant can do.

In conjunction with Fandango, Google Assistant can now help you research a film, select a theater near you to see it, or find out where it will be playing when it opens -- all via voice. You can also select a seat (when relevant) and buy tickets. 

Or just ask Assistant to show you times for a particular movie at home or on your phone, and move on from there. 

With tickets on sale for Solo: A Star Wars Story as of today, May the 4th, tossing a couple of Star Wars phrases Google Assistant's way for the next few hours -- "Hey Google, May the 4th be with you" "Hey Google, speak like Yoda" -- will pull up Solo details. 

So go forth and buy your tickets hands-free.