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Google, Apple top LinkedIn's list of sought-after employers

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Expedia are also among the top companies on the list.

LinkedIn has accumulated more than 175 million "professionals" on its service, and after crunching billions of data points on its site came up with a list of the most sought-after employers in five countries and four job functions. Tech leads the parade, with Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Expedia among the top companies on the list. 


Also in the top 100 were Zynga (42), Amazon (25), HP (37), Netflix (39), Groupon (41), Oracle (60) and IBM (74).

LinkedIn, which said it has two million companies in its database, also tracked top employers by geography. In the U.S., Google was the leader, followed by Disney, Facebook, Apple and India's top tech employers are focused on enterprise, with Accenture, HP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft leading the pack. In Canada, native son RIM was number three, despite its cratering market share in the smartphone arena.


Sliced by profession, Google was top for marketers, software engineers and college students and recent graduates.