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Google+ app for Android gets post-I/O overhaul

The new Android app offers more photo-editing and location functionality.

The Google+ app for Android gets a feature-rich 4.0 update. Google

The Google+ app for Android was updated on Monday, picking up many of the features found in the recently refreshed desktop client.

Like the Web version unveiled at Google I/O, Google+ for Android provides users with options such as automatic photo enhancements and Auto Awesome. Other features include the instant hashtagging, quick access to Hangouts, and improved notifications.

Building off of the tools that came with Snapseed, Google+ for Android allows for a myriad ways to edit and adjust photos. With the 4.0 update, it's easier than ever to rotate, crop, filter, and tweak your pictures before sharing.

Using a bit of the location-sharing tools previously used in Google Latitude, folks also can share their whereabouts. With the new "Locations" tab in Google+ for Android, users can find their friends' locations on a map and help coordinate a meet-up. These features are opt-in and can be turned off at any time.

Keep an eye on your notification bar as the Google+ for Android app should go live in Google Play any moment. Just a heads up: It doesn't appear to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as of the publishing of this story.