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Google announces $99 pen for the Pixelbook

The company’s latest laptop will come with a tool to help you take notes and doodle.

Google; screenshot by CNET

Google's Pixelbook will work with a $99 stylus designed for the laptop's touchscreen.

At Google's event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the company announced a new Chromebook: a $999 convertible laptop. The Pixelbook is marketed as a high-end convertible laptop, meaning it's both a laptop and a tablet, and is expected to run on Chrome OS.

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To help with the tablet experience, Google said a pen will go with the new Chromebook. The Pixelbook Pen, which will cost $99, has more than 2,000 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The company said it worked with Wacom to create the high-tech stylus and get as close to the real writing experience as possible.

"The experience using a pen should be like writing on paper," Matt Vokoun, Google's director of product management, said at the event.

Google showed off features like drawing on Snapchat pictures. Vokoun said the company is working with Snap to "bring a larger-screen experience to the Pixelbook."

The Pixelbook Pen is Google's response to the Apple Pencil and Samsung's Galaxy Note S Pen. It'll also be able to activate Google Assistant on the laptop.

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