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Google's Android Nearby Connections 2.0 API now available

Google previewed the update to Nearby at its annual developer's conference earlier this year.


Are you an Android developer? Then this news is for you.

Josh Miller/CNET

Google is following through on its pledge to make sharing files from one phone to another phone without an internet connection easier.

The Nearby Connections 2.0 API, previewed at Google I/O earlier this year, offers offline, high-bandwidth peer-to-peer communication by leveraging Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and classic Bluetooth connections. It's now publicly available on all Android devices running Google Play services 11.0 and up.

Google worked with a few partners in the process of building the API, including the The Weather Channel, which is developing "on-demand mesh networks in data-deficient areas to spread urgent weather warnings," and game developer GameInsight, for finding nearby players and running entire games offline.