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Courtesy of BernieSanders.com

Google and Apple among top employers of Bernie Sanders donors

The tech titans' employees are behind Bernie Sanders, according to campaign donation data.

US tech giants are definitely feeling the Bern. Google was the No. 1 employer of donors to Bernie Sanders' campaign, according to analysis of findings released by the Federal Elections Commission, racking up in excess of $250,000.

While the search giant clinched the top spot for employees who donated to the Democratic candidate's campaign, it was joined by other tech mainstays Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, which rounded out the top five.

It's a stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, his competitor in the Democratic race, and Donald Trump, the current Republican front-runner, who both have financial groups and unions populating their donor lists.

Still, it may seem odd that Google employees, among the best paid in their industry, are eager to support the socialist candidate campaigning against income inequality.