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Google already curating Android Wear apps

Google's collection of apps centered around its Android Wear platform is off to a good start, but isn't yet comprehensive.

Google highlights apps designed with Android Wear in mind. Google/ screen shot by Scott Webster

Google is making it easy for Android Wear owners to discover and download apps for its new smart watch platform. Announced in a tweet from the Google Developers account, a collection of "Apps for Android Wear" is now available in the Play Store.

Pinterest, IFTTT, and Glympse are a few of the apps already updated to support your Android Wear devices, the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch . So far, there are two dozen titles to choose from, including the official Android Wear app.

It's worth noting that the list isn't comprehensive yet; I've already found a couple of Android Wear-ready apps missing, such as Wear Calc and Evernote.

Navigating to the collection is not exactly easy and really only seems to work through a URL. Visitors to the Google Play Store won't find a dedicated category or listing on the home page so be sure to bookmark the link if you plan to return later.