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Google adorns home page with Nexus One ad

Having begun to advertise Chrome on its home page, Google places a suggestive come-on for its new Android smartphone there too.

There's a delightful song in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" called "Every Sperm is Sacred."

That's how people used to feel about every Google home page. paid homage to everything pure and noncommercial in the world.

No more Mr. Pure Guy. For no sooner had Google launched its shiveringly competent foray into mobile telephony than up popped a little ad on the altar that used to represent the tabernacle of all things Google.

Please look and ponder how the world has turned. Not only is Google advertising its new phone on its home page, it has even attempted a little copywriting.

Unlike the recent Chrome ad it also placed upon these hallowed square inches, which merely asked to "install" Chrome, the Nexus One ad goes a large and daring step further.

Yes, it asks you to "experience" Nexus One. Experience. This is an emotion. A deep, lasting, and memorable emotion. I see those engineers wanting us to feel something. Something human. Something tingly. I am excited.