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Google adds massive blue arrow for Google Plus

Google's plastered a whopping great arrow across its home page, to tempt Web travellers to try Google+.

Google has plastered a whopping great arrow across its homepage today, in an effort to convince visitors to give its Google Plus social network a try.

The blazing blue arrow points to the new 'You' tab on the Google toolbar, which is where you access Google Plus once you've signed in with your Google account.

Google Plus is the Big G's answer to Facebook, and it opened to all and sundry yesterday after two and a half months of closed testing, adding new features such as video chat for Android phones.

It seems that despite attracting a massive 10 million users while in its invite-only stage, enthusiasm for Google Plus has faltered, with reports that public posts are on the wane. The big blue arrow could be Google's saving grace however -- if it can channel just a small chunk of homepage traffic to the new service, we could see Google Plus' popularity explode.

We'll be watching with a keen eye over the next few days to see how the general public takes to the new social network. A huge influx of new users trying out features and posting fun stuff could be the tipping point that makes everyone switch to it. It has a mountain to climb though -- Facebook has 750 million active users.

Google Plus isn't a carbon copy of Facebook, with plenty of ideas of its own. It lets you sort your friends into circles, for example, so you can decide who sees what. We recommend pointing your peepers at our jaunty video explanation.

Will you be signing up to Google Plus now it's open to the public? If you're already on it, what do you like about it? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our, er, Facebook wall.