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Google+ adds live Q&A feature to Hangouts On Air

The new feature can handle questions from up to 1 million viewers at the same time.


Google+ users who host Hangouts On Air videos can now answer live questions from their viewers.

Via Hangouts On Air, you can broadcast yourself to fellow Google+ users. The new Q&A feature adds to that experience by letting anyone watching you pose a question, Google product manager Amit Fulay said in a Google+ post Thursday.

Those of you who host a broadcast can pick the questions you want to answer and respond to them live. You can ask for questions from as many as 1 million concurrent viewers. And you can time-stamp the YouTube recording of your broadcast by marking each question as you answer it.

People watching a Hangout On Air broadcast can ask and vote on questions live and then replay the recorded Q&A session afterwards.

Curious Google+ users can check out the following Q&A recordings to see how the feature works:

Google is rolling out the new Q&A feature over the next few days, according to Fulay. Desktop users can enjoy the full experience, while Android users are stuck in view-only mode.