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Google adds 'invite a friend' feature to Google Voice

Google announced on Tuesday that it has added an invite-a-friend feature to Google Voice, allowing users to invite up to three people to use the service. It's being rolled out now.

Google will now allow Google Voice users to invite friends to the service, the company wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

Google Voice
Google Voice invites in action. Google

According to Google, Voice users have been requesting to "share Google Voice with friends and family." To satisfy that desire, Google will now allow users to invite up to three friends to the service. The invite-a-friend feature is being added to accounts over the next few weeks, so not all users will have the option of inviting others immediately. According to the company, the "Invite a friend" link will appear on the left side of the user's in-box.

When users want to invite a friend, they need only to input the recipient's e-mail address, add a brief message, and send it off. The recipient will receive the message and a link allowing them to sign up for Google Voice.

Google Voice, which has been in the news quite a bit lately over its inability to gain access to Apple's App Store, requires those who want to sign up for the service to submit their e-mail addresses to Google and wait to be notified that they can sign up. The invite-a-friend feature, Google reasons, gives them another opportunity to gain access to the service.

Although Google Voice users will only be able to invite three people at first, Google did say in its blog post that it will be providing more invites in the future.