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Google adds color labels to its Calendar app for Android

With a choice of 24 colors, the updated Calendar app lets users customize their dates and events. The app also gets a redesigned date and time tool.

Google updates its Calendar app for Android with colors. Google

For those extra-organized people, Google has updated its Calendar app for Android to add color labels and a new date and time tool.

The color labels palette lets users customize events or calendar listings with a choice of 24 colors. Certain important dates can be highlighted in different colors to especially catch users' attention.

As far as putting in certain events, the redesigned date and time tool lets users customize time zones and schedule events to be repeated on certain days, weeks, or months.

In other Google news, the tech giant also announced on Wednesday that it's revamping its Gmail for the Web, Android, and iOS with new default categories and tabs.

The Calendar app for Android update rolled out on Wednesday and is now available to all people using a device running Android 4.1 or above.