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Google: 1,000 pizzas; CNET: Zero

Google: 1,000 pizzas; CNET: Zero

I just got through all 10 minutes of the Cambrian House video (released last week) in which they deliver 1,000 pizzas to the Google campus as a...well, sort of a publicity stunt-slash-massive kiss-up campaign. And despite still questioning the wisdom of spending that kind of cash on pizza, and still trying to figure out exactly what Cambrian House does or hopes to accomplish with this stunt...I must admit, the video of the huge gang of people storming the Google castle with giant piles of pizza boxes is pretty awesome. Not as awesome, however, as the fact that the ultimate pizza crackdown comes not from security, as you might imagine, but from a collection of cheesed-off Google chefs. No wonder those Googlers were so excited to get that pizza! They clearly live under a brutal cafeteria dictatorship!