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Goodyear's spherical tire concept might reinvent the wheel (Tomorrow Daily 328)

A 360-degree, magnetic-levitation tire concept that could enhance autonomous car navigation; also, a drone-centric system for replicating drawings at any scale, anywhere.

Goodyear unveiled a truly exciting concept for future tires, called Eagle-360, where all four tires would be suspended using magnetic levitation and able to move in every direction. There aren't plans for testing or real-world applications yet, but it's still a great concept with some genuine benefits.

We're also checking out "Flying Pantograph," a system for recreating a user's drawing using tracking software and a drone. The drone has a marker mounted on it and uses a whiteboard for replicating, but the system's creators think the concept could be used by anyone, anywhere; in essence, giving distant artists the chance to collaborate with each other.

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328: Goodyear's spherical tire concept might reinvent the wheel (Tomorrow Daily)

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