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Goodmans creates the anti-boombox

It's an attractive alternative for an iPod dock.


If this is an indication that the latest incarnation of the boombox is dying, we're all for it. For some unfortunate reason the iPod has inspired a rebirth of the '70s staple in video form, which has resulted in some awkward designs. Even recent makeovers can't adequately disguise that polyester leisure suit we know is lurkig underneath.

Goodmans has released its own version of an iPod dock with an LCD, which is a welcome antidote to the retro ugliness that has stricken so many other models on the market. This multimedia station with a 7-inch display has a design that's much more streamlined than most and comes with a 3-in-1 card reader as well, according to Chip Chick. We've yet to learn anything about its A/V quality but, if nothing else, at least it's a relatively manageable size.