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Goodbye Gawker Media, hello Gizmodo Media Group

Online media company gets a new name from Univision, which bought it last month for $135 million.

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Gawker Media is truly gone now.

Univision Communications, the new owner of Gawker Media Group, announced that the unit overseeing the former online media company's brands will be called Gizmodo Media. Univision, which bought Gawker for $135 million in a bankruptcy proceeding last month, also said Raju Narisetti would serve as the unit's chief executive.

The new name comes nearly a month to the day after, the site known for celebrity and media gossip, shut down August 22. Gawker Media went into bankruptcy in June after a court ordered it to pay $140 million for invading the privacy of former wrestler Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, after it published excerpts from a Bollea sex tape.

In addition to scrubbing off the old name, Univision is trying to start with a clean slate. The company has deleted six posts from the online publisher that are the subject of litigation, including stories about a man who sued Gawker over its reporting of his claims that he invented email, about former major league pitcher Mitch Williams and about a man acquitted of sexual assault.