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Goodbye, farewell, and amen

As she prepares to leave CNET, Beyond Binary creator Ina Fried takes a look back at the tech industry's last decade.

As you may have heard, I am moving on after a decade here at CNET.

While I pack up my desk and say goodbye to my incredible co-workers, I also wanted to express my gratitude to you, the readers who have been on this journey with me for the past decade.

More than 4,500 times I got to share photos, stories, and videos with you. Together we have traveled to Computex in Taiwan, explored the emerging markets for computing in Brazil and Colombia, and got to see the technology that powered the recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.

We witnessed the drama as Hewletts and Packards battled the company's leaders over their plans to buy Compaq. And we saw some of the same cast of characters return some years later in an entirely different controversy as the company admitted to spying on directors and reporters, including several of my colleagues.

When we began our journey together, Mac OS X was still in testing and Windows XP was still known as Whistler and also not yet on the market. The Palm Pilot was about as hip as pocket technology got and beaming contacts to one another was considered cool.

The iMac was already here when I started but the iPod, iPhone, and iPad have all entered our vocabulary, along with Twitter, Facebook, and a whole lot of things none of us ever could have imagined. Phones have become smart and the tablet computer has become a reality, though for a different company than the one that was so early to tout its promise.

Internet appliances like the Audrey and the I-Opener came and went in the flash of an eye, but their legacy endures in Net-connected devices like the Chumby, Kindle, iPad, Xbox 360, and Google TV.

Together, we have gone behind the scenes and peered inside Microsoft as it tried to secure its code and build Windows Vista. Most recently, we've gotten a peek at the development of Windows Phone 7 (I'm still finishing up part three of that series, which should hopefully run this week).

Our world has changed a lot and not just in terms of tech. We were together when the world changed on September 11.. And we eventually returned to technology the next month as both the iPod and Windows XP made their debut. We've seen Bill Gates retire from Microsoft and followed his shift from software titan to global philanthropist. We've watched Steve Jobs battle cancer and return to lead Apple to even higher heights.

I expanded my horizons and you yours, joining me as I transitioned from Ian to Ina. And through all the changes, technological and otherwise, you flooded my in-box with tips, feedback, criticism, praise (and no shortage of hate mail, too).

I'm looking forward to covering the next chapter of technology's story, albeit from a new address. But, before I leave, I wanted to say thanks. We've been through a lot together.