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Good taste cubed but may not be enough

A clean way to hide your wired hell


Longtime Crave readers, many of whom have been coming back since the late '50s, know that some of us have a few issues regarding exposed wires. But try as we might, we haven't found a suitable facade to hide our unsightly cables. Most of them are about as discreet as a pot full of wires.

The "Tapbox" from Japan's Ideaco, however, is a notable exception. The 4-inch cubes hide the ugliest tangles under the ultimate symmetrical shape, according to Tokyomango, and have even included a retro toggle switch on top for effect.

Yet as much as we like their irresistably clean design, these cubes don't have nearly enough space to handle our terminally knotted workstation peripherals. For larger jobs, we recommend the "E-Base Charging System." Leave it to the Italians.