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Good grillin' for the veggies

The Mesh Grill-Top Chef's Pan makes it easy to include vegetables on the grill.

Delicious and easy. Williams-Sonoma

You know the scene: A hot summer day, friends and family gathered in the back yard, perhaps a football being tossed around, laughter and good times in the air. Of course, this scene would not be complete without the grill fired up, permeating the air with the scent of delicious foods cooking. Survey the grill-top, and we find hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks, and chicken. But where are the vegetables?

No longer must vegetables be relegated to "after-the-meat-is-done" status. The Mesh Grill-Top Chef's Pan is perfect for cooking up a batch of healthy vegetables on the grill. The heavy-gauge stainless-steel mesh keeps veggies corralled in one convenient device. Complete with removable lid, the pan makes it easy to stir, sauce, and season your favorite vegetables right on the grill. Best of all for you vegetarians out there, no more attempting to cordon off a "vegetable zone" among all the meat.

The Mesh Grill Chef's Pan brings the convenience of indoor cooking to the outside grill. With a long handle for easy grasping along with a 12-inch diameter and 8-inch height, the pan makes it easy to introduce some vegetables to the grill. Since grilling season is just beginning, now is the perfect time to invite some veggies to the party.