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Gomban gyldan! 'Beowulf' coming in 3D

Robert Zemeckis' film will premiere in REAL D and other large-format 3D theaters.


OK, maybe it was the translation we were reading, but slogging through "Beowulf"--all thousands upon thousands of lines of it--does not stand out as one of the more engaging experiences of my sophomore year of high school. Given my unfond memories of the ninth century epic poem, I'm not sure I'm game for an immersive version. Then again, hearing that Robert Zemeckis' upcoming digitally enhanced live-action "Beowulf" will premiere in REAL D and other large-format 3D theaters might be just what I need to rethink my resistance to the Geats and Grendel.

The enhanced version of the film comes out the same day as the standard release, Nov. 19. The movie stars Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, Robin Wright Penn, Angelina Jolie--and lots of Old English.